red balloons and shades including wine, plum and aurora red
red balloons and shades including wine, plum and aurora red Green latex balloons including mint green, winter green, emerald green, apple green and lime green Silver grey balloons with a metallic finish for weddings, wedding anniversaries, christenings and other celebrations.

Christmas – Pick ‘n’ Mix Handpicked Latex Balloons


We sell a wide variety of latex balloons in a whole spectrum of colours. Our handpicked balloons have an elegant sheen to them, making them a great choice for your Christmas party decorations. Available in two sizes; standard (11 inch in diameter) and miniature (5 inch). We sell our balloons individually so that you can pick and choose what colours you would like instead of having to buy them in packs.

The miniature balloons are perfect for scattering across the room and over table tops. They are only suitable for filling with air, as they are not large enough to float if filled with helium. The standard size balloons can be filled with air or helium-filled.

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We have selected a variety of colours from our handpicked range. Please contact us if you would like any additional colours not included in the list below. The additional comments box can be used to specify how many of each colour balloon you would like – otherwise, we will send out a mixture of your chosen colours.

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