Colourful party balloons with sweet filled weights
Colourful party balloons with sweet filled weights Party favours; balloons on a stick with optional sweet weights.

“Sweet Balloons” Birthday Decorations/Party Favours (pkt of 5)


These balloons are a fantastic idea for birthday celebrations! No need for helium; the air-filled balloons are attached to a base using a transparent balloon stick. The base can then be filled with sweets – or anything else of your choice. Each arrangement is beautifully finished with a satin ribbon bow around the neck of the balloon and a co-ordinating lid cover, which sits on top of the base.

The balloons are dual purpose Р they make great table decorations for birthday parties. At the end of the party, you can then give them out as party gifts/favours (either the whole arrangement, including the base, or easily remove the base to give out the balloons on a stick).

The balloons are sent out in the post uninflated, ready for you to fill with air and attach to the balloon stick. We will shortly be producing a video to show you how to put together your balloon arrangements.

Sold in packs of five. Sweets are not included. Please see the product description below to see what is included in your pack.

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Product Description

Each pack will include:

  • Uninflated premium quality (11 inch) latex balloons x 5
  • Balloon sticks x 5
  • Bases x 5
  • Satin ribbons x 5

You will need:

  • A balloon pump
  • Something to put inside the bases (eg. sweets)

When filling your balloon bases, we recommend that you use something with a little bit of weight to help stabilise the arrangement. Ideas include:

  • Sweets
  • Coloured water
  • Bouncy rubber balls


When preparing your balloon arrangements, you might find it helpful to watch our video (out shortly) which shows you how to put everything together. We recommend that you inflate the balloons either on the day, or the day before your party, so that they still look nice and fresh for the celebrations. The fantastic thing about air-filled balloons is that they are long lasting and should continue to remain inflated for days, if not weeks, after the party.

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